Cyber Monday

Missed Black Friday? Do not worry; Cyber Monday has got you covered. Though it started as just an online extension to Black Friday, it has slowly grown into its own shopping holiday. In 2018, customers spent over $7.9 billion, or £6.2 billion, online alone.  With Christmas around the corner, your business can take full advantage of the shopping rush. Here are some Cyber Monday marketing strategy ideas you can do this year:


1. Mail Time

Email Marketing is an effective way to advertise Cyber Monday. Send deals to your mailing list and get them interested. You can even send out an email as soon as Black Friday is over, to let your customers know that there are still some deals to catch on Cyber Monday. This method not only informs customers about deals and discounts but also builds momentum for all the Cyber Monday promotions you have lined up in your campaign calendar. For email which is a more effective marketing campaign, segment your database into specific customer categories. Create a tailored message or discount for each group to garner a better response.


2. One Day Only

Create a sense of urgency in your Cyber Monday deals that make customers want to buy the items immediately. For instance, you can send your customers an email with a 60% discount, which will last for the next 2 hours. Alternatively, you could send out emails every 2 hours with a new deal or an extra freebie. Promote these 2-hour deals on your social media channels as well.


3. A Little Competition


Online contests are a low-cost but effective Cyber Monday marketing strategy that increases both brand awareness and social media engagement. It can be as simple as creating a witty caption or capturing a funny photo related to your brand, products, or theme. Provide exclusive prizes, like a limited edition product, high-quality custom hoodies, or a £1,000 gift card, something that brings value to the lives of your customers.


4. Thank You for Shopping

Gifts make people feel special. Express how much you value your customers by offering them a free gift when they place an order above a certain amount. It can be as simple as a holiday-themed cotton bag or even a custom calendar for the upcoming year. For something more exclusive, give out a mini version of a bestseller or a mini limited edition item. Add these to your customers’ parcels for a nice surprise.


5. Bundle Up 

People look for good holiday deals on Cyber Monday. Gift bundles make gift-giving for customers easier, while also increasing profits through upselling. Level up this marketing strategy with a fun campaign idea of making mystery bundles. Make some cool combinations of some of your best-selling products and offer your customers premium gift packaging when they place an order. This way you will save them the hassle of having to wrap it themselves.


6. Play to Win

Gamifying your offers for customers is a win-win for you and your customers. It increases customer engagement and enlarges your customer base. Create a wheel of fortune, where customers can win a good discount or free item when they place an order on your website. Make sure to gift valuable items to those who actually win. It’s fun and whoever wins will truly appreciate the free present.

7. Shopping for a Cause

The holidays are all about giving back to the community. Work with a charity this Cyber Monday. Use social media to spread the word that a percentage of the Cyber Monday proceeds will be donated to charity. This marketing strategy helps people in need, encourages customers to give their support, and gives your brand a good reputation. Nothing feels better than giving to those who need it most.


8. Patronage Pays Off

Take care of your customers, especially those who have supported your business for a long time. Show how much you value their loyalty by granting them exclusive deals and discounts, or limited edition gifts.

9. Cutting through the Online Noise

With everyone advertising his or her Cyber Monday promotions online, it can be hard to make your voice heard amongst the noise. Make sure that your promotions stay true to your brand and bring value to your customers. By giving out relevant deals that are in line with your brand values, you will stay relevant for your existing and returning customers as well.


10. From Online to In-store

Even though Cyber Monday is mostly an online event, brick-and-mortar shops remain a popular channel for holiday shopping. Combine both your online and in-store experience by offering a free in-store pick-up service. This way you can make the most of your Cyber Monday sales, while also sneaking in some more in-store sales. Combine their in-store visit to pick up their order with a thank-you gift. This would give your customers an incentive to actually come to your store and possibly splurge on small deals stalled out throughout your store. Cyber Monday can increase your profits tremendously, but for that, you need the right marketing strategy. Start working on your Cyber Monday campaigns and build up your campaign calendar right now!

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